I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Stockholm University and a Research Affiliate at the CEPR. My main research interests are Public, Labor and Political Economics.


I am also affiliated with the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm.




"Individual Risk Preferences and the Demand for Redistribution", (with Manja Gärtner and Johanna Mollerstrom), Journal of Public Economics, 153:49-55, 2017.


"Behavioral Responses to an Annual Wealth Tax: Evidence from Sweden"AEJ: Economic Policy, 9(4):395-421, 2017.


"Richer (and Holier) Than Thou? The Effect of Relative Income Improvements on Demand for Redistribution", (with Johanna Mollerstrom and Mounir Karadja), The Review of Economics and Statistics, 99(2):201-212, 2017.


"Strategic Complementarities, Network Games and Endogenous Network Formation", (with Andreas Nordvall Lagerås), International Journal of Game Theory45(3):497-509, 2016. 


"Political Selection in China: the Complementary Roles of Connections and Performance", (with Ruixue Jia and Masa Kudamatsu), Journal of the European Economic Association, 13(4): 631-668, 2015.


"The Demand for Redistribution and Cognitive Ability", (with Johanna Mollerstrom), PLoS ONE 9(12): e115484. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0115484, 2014.


"Doctoral Thesis - Essays on Public, Political and Labor Economics", IIES Monograph Series, vol 82.



"On the Accumulation of Wealth: The Role of Inheritance", with Arash Nekoei

Presented at NBER-SI, LSE-UCL-IFS joint seminar, U.C. Berkeley, LMU, IFAU, Lund University, SSB, HECER, SSE, IEB.



Phone: +46739771123

Office: Universitetsvägen 10 A, 106 91 Stockholm