I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Stockholm University and a Research Affiliate at the CEPR. My main research interests are Public, Labor and Political Economics.


I am also affiliated with the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm.




"Individual Risk Preferences and the Demand for Redistribution", (with Manja Gärtner and Johanna Mollerstrom), Journal of Public Economics, 153:49-55, 2017.


"Behavioral Responses to an Annual Wealth Tax: Evidence from Sweden"AEJ: Economic Policy, 9(4):395-421, 2017.

AEJ-Policy summary


"Richer (and Holier) Than Thou? The Effect of Relative Income Improvements on Demand for Redistribution", (with Johanna Mollerstrom and Mounir Karadja), The Review of Economics and Statistics, 99(2):201-212, 2017.

Featured in SvDDIDNForskning & Framsteg and Marginal Revolution.


"Strategic Complementarities, Network Games and Endogenous Network Formation", (with Andreas Nordvall Lagerås), International Journal of Game Theory, 45(3):497-509, 2016. 


"Political Selection in China: the Complementary Roles of Connections and Performance", (with Ruixue Jia and Masa Kudamatsu), Journal of the European Economic Association, 13(4): 631-668, 2015.

VoxEU column: Who becomes a top politician in China?


"The Demand for Redistribution and Cognitive Ability", (with Johanna Mollerstrom), PLoS ONE 9(12): e115484. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0115484, 2014.


"Doctoral Thesis - Essays on Public, Political and Labor Economics", IIES Monograph Series, vol 82.



"Consequences of Mandatory Advance Layoff Notice for Workers and Firms", with J. Cederlof, P. Fredriksson and A. Nekoei

“On the Effects of Disability Insurance on Health: Evidence from Sweden”, with Elisabet Olme.



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